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Granite Grit


Granite Grit


Book one in the 'Fightings In The Blood' series

Synopsis of Granite Grit

Family man Joe, thirty two year old, loses the only job he’s known since school at a paper mill that supports him, his wife and two kids. Spiralling into debt as continuous job opportunities slip through his hands, he turns to the only thing he knows: boxing. Conned into a brutal, raw fight after a chance meeting with old training pal Tim, he scurries to the Tillydrone boxing gym…and the first pull downwards on an unknown path. Tricked into the ring by his best friend’s lies, he loves the rush of victory that he gets, and wants more. And proves he was made for the underground fight game in his first unlicensed bout outside Dundee.

Memories of his estranged father haunt him from his troubled child hood, growing up in Tilly. Davie Rhoads a man dragged up in the ruthless streets of seventies Glasgow, a notorious street-fighter, outcast by his unforgiving father, and ran out the city by The Godfather, a vicious, inhuman gangster. Joe keeps struggling to earn an honest living and failing, his family taking second place, while at the same time, his addiction for notoriety, like his father, overwhelms him.

Joe's demons simmer close to the surface. His father battering his mother; her taking her own life; Joe’s endless torment. So, he vows not only to find his father…but to kill him. Making criminal contacts in the unlicensed boxing world, Joe befriends gangster Mr Dean. He embroils Joe in his dealings, while Mr Deans demands Joe becomes his enforcer.

Outcast by his family, Joe takes residence in his father's old local, The Fountain Bar. Making friends with the landlady and convict Micky turn Joe into a drug and alcohol addict. And gradually, he’s turning into his evil old man. Riddled with substance-abuse and inner demons, Joe unleashes on his new girlfriend, becoming increasingly insecure and paranoid.

Monster Reaper has a fearsome reputation, the toughest bare-knuckle-fighter in the country, a killer with no sympathy for opponents, haunted by his own past. All he understands is savagery. And Joe knows that the path to his father lies in defeating Reaper, the resultant notoriety leading him deep enough into the murky world where his father lives. Now, money and his family take no interest, Joe’s urgent need to de-throne The Reaper consuming him. The entire underworld community gathers to watch a fight that will never be forgotten. But, will the legendary, blood-soaked scrap end with the answers Joe needs??     

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Book two in 'The Fightings In The Blood' series 


Deep in various criminal empires, Davie Rhodes is a man who’s spent a life embedded in crime, since his grim child hood in the Glasgow Gorballs, he has been brought up with an iron fist. A vindictive and deadly bare-knuckle legend without remorse for his victims. He lives with regret at the malicious things he has done throughout his life and the pain he has brought his loved ones, but that’s all shielded behind his callous ways of conducting himself. In the shadows between cities, he leaves a trail of destruction his own blood must resolve. And after causing his wife’s suicide, he flees his adopted city of Aberdeen, abandoning his son Joe to work for Jack Gallagher in Liverpool’s seedy underworld.

There, he reunites with his estranged son Max, who he also abandoned when he was only a baby and decides to mould him into the man that Joe would never be. He’s hired as Jack enforcer, dealing with his collection of staff and street thugs. But, it’s not long before an old foe from Glasgow, Sam Bryson catches up with Davie and he’s forced on the run again, after he avoids a painful end to his time. He again, must abandon another son, Max who he longs to be re-united with.

His God given gift keeps him alive and out of jail. Luckily, he makes connections to the Real IRA under C4 Millacky, a notorious terrorist and gunrunner who’s only ambition is to re-ignite the war in Ireland. Davie finds himself working as Millacky’s Gunrunner aiding in his quest for a united Ireland.

After a failed terrorist attack on three British army barracks, from a heavy collection of The Real IRA’s foot soldier’s, Millacky finds himself sentenced to life in prison. Davie discoveries himself in-charge of the gunrunning operations and hires a stable of men to work for him.

His life in crime comes to pay for Davie as he’s placed on ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’, becoming a hunted man. He makes connections with the most ruthless and uncaring men across Europe as his bank balance sours. But his past is never far away from him and his only wish is to get out alive amidst all the treachery, and rich, but will he?     

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The Reaper


The Reaper


Book three in 'The Fightings In The Blood' series 


A troubled kid, Max McCabe has an unfortunate start to his life, abandoned at the doors of a catholic church in Liverpool. Without the influence of a mother, he’s outcast and struggles with his early years in foster care before he’s reunited with his estranged Father, the infamous Bare-knuckle fighter, Davie Rhodes.

Unknown to him he’s set up and sent to jail before he’s sixteen because of a vendetta, Jack Gallagher, Liverpool’s most notorious gangster, carried for Davie. Inside Altcourse Jail, Max is traumatised by beatings, starvation, and isolation led by the wishes of the vindictive The Governor. His hope for life diminishes but his survival skills ignite against his bullies and the system and in turn, a beast is created.

Consumed with an uncontrollable rage and the release fighting gives him from his burden of memories, he takes to Bare Knuckle fighting, continuing on a self-loathing path of self-annihilation where he fights for Jack Gallagher. The sight of that man disgusts him as he commits his life to regaining payback for the stint inside only to be held back by Davie who has his own agenda of redemption. 

Max falls for Jacks barmaid, Courtney who becomes the only joy in his life, asking no questions about his seedy affairs as he sets out on a steroid filled path, burning for notoriety in the unmerciful world of the bare-knuckle, seeking to gain the same ruthless title as Davie once held.

On the sidelines, he mingles as a gunrunner for Davie, working as part of The Stable and offers no ambition to carry out the job until his circumstances change and he’s made an offer he can’t refuse.

His vicious temper rips Courtney out of his life while losing his sanity in the process. She carries his child, who he doesn’t carry any empathy for. She leaves him as he focuses on a path that will lead him to the epic duel with his brother, Joe and results in him being re-born to the lifetime of abuse and manipulation inflicted upon him. He births a new form of redemption. The kind that will leave no regrets.

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In a distant time, the world has been decimated by a hundred-year storm. It destroyed the lands and sent humanity back to the dark ages. In the aftermaths of the storm, a war of survival emerged across the lands of Europa. It divided two kinds of people, the rich and the poor. The rich conquered the poor and commanded the lands of what the storm had left behind. They lived inside fortifications that protected them from the predictable violent weather and governed Federations with zero tolerance for crime of any kind. The Belanger federation made the poor beg at the heels of the rich and were treated as filth. They stole their children and policed them with fear. If laws were broken, crime did not discriminate, and people of any calibre were instantly sent to the pend under twenty-three-hour lockdown. To halt people from committing crimes they created The Park, a cruel object of entertainment where criminals, hunted and killed other criminals for the pleasure of the public. It was the bounty hunter against the Prey. A Man they would call The Dutch Dog is an employee of the federation, working as an Ultra, in the highest form of policed division. After losing everything dear to him and filled with grief, he commits an unprovoked crime of arson against the federation. He is sentenced to death row and entry into the park is inevitable. Once inside the Park, there is only one way to get out! That is to notch one hundred kills to your name where you will receive citizenship and become a free man inside the Belanger federation. The Dutch Dog is highly trained in combat, killing and survival which makes him the perfect machine. 


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It should be a pretty bog standard day for Tam and Johnny in Double T’s pawn shop on this fine Wednesday afternoon but things soon go askew with a suspiciously good deal. Double T’s pawn shop is a dodgy ran establishment with a few crafty operations here and there, on Market street in Aberdeen, attracting those who wish to unload their unwanted goods.

Tam and Johnny are an unlikely pair but nevertheless work well together and bounce off one another, Johnny dealing with the logistics side of the job and Tam, well, Tam does his own thing. Johnny is a well-liked member of the Torry community who has remained humble and charitable through the years but will his greed get the better of him?

On this supposedly normal Wednesday, in come a couple travellers which immediately catch Johnny’s attention, he has a knack for smelling trouble. These travellers take a good, long and calculated look around Double T’s all while holding a small weighted suede bag, now that definitely has Johnny’s attention. What is in this wee suede bag?

When an ex member of the Russian military realizes his house has been robbed, he goes on a mission to locate the culprits and that leads him to Double T’s and a UN-foreseeable turn of events.

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