My Story


I was born in the seaside town of Banff, Aberdeenshire in 1984, and faced adversity from birth with a severe club foot, almost entirely backwards. Growing up in Turriff, I spent the first six months of life in plaster and learned to walk in a leg brace frame. I endured many operations up to the age of 17 having to take countless days off school and I suppose, that was probably the cause of my poor spelling and becoming dyslexic. I eventually became an electrician, and in my late teens, took up kickboxing at the Satorishido club in Fraserburgh where I won two WKA Scottish open titles and a WKN Celtic title, competing for 6 years. In my late twenties, life hit me hard, with my beloved granny and mum suffering from cancer at the same time. My mental health took a battering, like some of my kickboxing opponents in the boxing-rings.

When at school, the only thing that I seemed to be good at was writing stories but I left this gift untouched until I was half way through a mental breakdown and finished my first novel, Granite Grit, just before my thirty-first birthday. The novel won a 'next generation book award' and its spurred me on to right a book series called 'Fighting's In The Blood' revolving around the same story by different characters.

Since I began to write stories I have dabbled into making short films, modelling and working in the film and TV industry as a lighting electrician but my main passion continues to be writing novels with much more in the tank.