The Right Hand Man


Book two in 'The Fightings In The Blood' series 


Deep in various criminal empires, Davie Rhodes is a man who’s spent a life embedded in crime, since his grim child hood in the Glasgow Gorballs, he has been brought up with an iron fist. A vindictive and deadly bare-knuckle legend without remorse for his victims. He lives with regret at the malicious things he has done throughout his life and the pain he has brought his loved ones, but that’s all shielded behind his callous ways of conducting himself. In the shadows between cities, he leaves a trail of destruction his own blood must resolve. And after causing his wife’s suicide, he flees his adopted city of Aberdeen, abandoning his son Joe to work for Jack Gallagher in Liverpool’s seedy underworld.

There, he reunites with his estranged son Max, who he also abandoned when he was only a baby and decides to mould him into the man that Joe would never be. He’s hired as Jack enforcer, dealing with his collection of staff and street thugs. But, it’s not long before an old foe from Glasgow, Sam Bryson catches up with Davie and he’s forced on the run again, after he avoids a painful end to his time. He again, must abandon another son, Max who he longs to be re-united with.

His God given gift keeps him alive and out of jail. Luckily, he makes connections to the Real IRA under C4 Millacky, a notorious terrorist and gunrunner who’s only ambition is to re-ignite the war in Ireland. Davie finds himself working as Millacky’s Gunrunner aiding in his quest for a united Ireland.

After a failed terrorist attack on three British army barracks, from a heavy collection of The Real IRA’s foot soldier’s, Millacky finds himself sentenced to life in prison. Davie discoveries himself in-charge of the gunrunning operations and hires a stable of men to work for him.

His life in crime comes to pay for Davie as he’s placed on ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’, becoming a hunted man. He makes connections with the most ruthless and uncaring men across Europe as his bank balance sours. But his past is never far away from him and his only wish is to get out alive amidst all the treachery, and rich, but will he?