The reaper!

The final part of the trilogy 

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The 'Fighting's In The Blood' book series 

The addictive Fighting's in the Blood Book series tells the story of three different characters perspectives, based around the timeline of the same story. It dives deep into the seedy underworld of bare knuckle boxing, gunrunning and crime. From the granite city of Aberdeen via the crime ridden backstreets of Liverpool to the IRA fuelled Northern and Southern Ireland.

Joe Marks embarks on a journey of self destruction in the Bare knuckle world while he becomes like the father he disowned, Davie Rhodes. A good man who turns bad, loses all that he loves for the sake of a fighting legacy in the debut Granite Grit

Davie Rhodes is The Right Hand Man in the sequel. A lifetime villain, and a legendary bare knuckle fighter who becomes the most wanted gunrunner in Europe. Deceitful, treacherous and vindictive, he leaves a trail of destruction in his path for others to tidy up.

Max McCade is The Reaper in the third instalment. A troubled sole that has lived a harden life of violence that shapes him into the beast he becomes. All he knows is rage and misfortune. Deep inside him, lives a humane soul that, rarely gets a chance to shine.